• Waste water systems including urban urban storm drainage
  • Combined sewerage systems
  • Sewage and discharge of sewage
  • Wastewater & sludge treatment
  • Optimizing of the operation
  • Operation manuals, documentation
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Supervisor of Construction Works
  • Safety and Health Protection Coordination
  • Road planning
  • Road construction engineering
  • Traffic signal engineering

Range of Services

  • Preliminary studies, determination and definition of projects
  • Technical consulting and planning
  • Administrative consulting and planning
  • Expert opinions
  • Technical planning at all project development stages
  • Tendering procedure, contract award assistance
  • Site management, final inspection
  • Commissioning, staff briefing
  • Technical documentation

Services Based on HOAI (German Fees Scale for Architects and Engineers)

  • Project planning: planning of road infrastructure and engineering structures
  • (phases 1 – 9)
  • Detailed planning: installation and planning of structural frameworks
  • Surveying, preparation of end sheets
  • Site supervision
  • Health and safety coordination

Project Management

  • Deadline and cost monitoring
  • Progress and cost control
  • Claims management
  • Project documentation

Client Profile

  • Public authorities, represented by cities, communities and associations as well as their companies
  • Private companies, formerly public functions (e. g. Veolia)
  • Private sector of the economy, represented by regional companies and companies with supraregional operations